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Tips to get success in IAS Exam

Tips to get success in IAS Exam

With all the power of the young age as well as the intensity of the student’s mind, the just-out-of-college you may have greater likelihoods to conquer IAS. But unless the preparation is focused on appropriate assistance as well as techniques, the attempt may transform futile, causing the loss of precious efforts.

Hopefuls need to never ever allow this to occur. We wish this article would surely aid those that are trying to find the best advice to prepare IAS test while in college, particularly the last year trainees as well as pre-final year students. If you start early, that would give you a lot many advantages. And, we have no doubts that aspirants who start early can win the IAS exam without compromising the thrill and happiness of campus life. But for that, you need the right guidance.

  1. Start it as early as possible

Please remember in mind that the eligibility criteria for UPSC Public service Exam (CSE) are 21 years as well as graduation in any subject. You ought to also take note that last year students can look for IAS Prelims. Numerous prospects miss this early possibility and enter UPSC Civil service Examination preparation field only extremely late. This is plainly shown in the fact that the average age of candidates who make it into the last UPSC CSE rank list is 28 years.

  1. Properly make use of your time

Unlike many other aspirants who can dedicate a full year for UPSC preparation, those who prepare parallel for UPSC CSE while in the college will have time constraints. So what is very important is your ability to prioritize things. Prioritize things in such a way that do things that’s extremely important. Be thorough with the UPSC syllabus. Go through the previous year UPSC CSE question papers. This can give you the right direction.

  1. Collect all important books for IAS preparation

Read as much as you can. Once you have decided that IAS/IPS as your career goal, buy the most necessary books for UPSC CSE preparation.

  1. Attend IAS mock tests

You may write UPSC Preliminary Exam only after 1-2 years, but enrolling a mock test series as early as possible is necessary. Attend an online mock test series. You should not worry about the marks you score, but take mock exams as an opportunity for learning. Mock tests help you understand not only the UPSC pattern of questions but also difficult concepts.

  1. Make use of your free time

Utilize your spare time by reading or attending an online seminar or tutorials. Many free resources are available on the internet and in the Enlite IAS website, make use of it.

  1. Read newspapers and magazines

Don’t compromise your newspaper reading irrespective of the time constraints. At first, you may feel boring, as you read for the sake of reading. But gradually you will start enjoying it and newspaper reading will get interesting for you. The Hindu or Indian Express have quality articles. Also, EPW is a good magazine for getting current perspectives.

  1. Group study and discussion will help

Start talking about current affairs and start a discussion about it in your friends’ circle who think like you. If you have friends who are equally aspirant like you about IAS, then it will be more advantageous.  Group study is one of the most important aspects which help most of the aspirants in the IAS exam.

All the best.

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