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KAS Prelims cum mains Programme

ENLITE IAS conducted KAS Prelims test series which was very much appreciated by the aspirants. After the preliminary results we conducted KAS Mains crash course and KAS Mains test series, both of the courses proved beneficial for the aspirants. The KAS Mains results was a delight to ENLITE IAS as one-fourth of interview qualified aspirants were from aspirants who got guidance for KAS at ENLITE. Team ENLITE has conducted mock interview sessions for aspirants from all three streams in which aspirants who previously attended KAS courses at ENLITE and from outside attended the mock sessions. We are glad to hear from aspirants that the sessions helped them a lot in the KPSC KAS interview.

This programme is an all inclusive programme designed to lay a robust foundation to underpin the efforts of fresh candidate as well as help them understand the demand of the KAS exam. The classes provide vital take-away for all the three stages in the selection process-Prelims, Mains and Interview

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The Enlite way of learning



Online and offline classes Aspirants have the option of joining either online or offline sessions

Updated notes and study material

At the time of admission to the programme you are provided comprehensive, updated

Regular Mock Tests

You will undergo regular mock tests on individual subjects in the latest Prelims and Mains Examination format. Only when you are tested in an exam atmosphere with negative marking, will you be able to deliver in actual situation. Moreover, these mocks help you become cognizant of your strength and weakness.

Weekly Discussions

Regular weekly discussions on current issues will keep you abreast wit the latest topics and happenings around the world. These discussions will also help you augment your confidence and communication skills.

Writing Skill development Sessions

Writing skills is of paramount importance in the Mains stage of KAS. These sessions concentrate on honing your skills-language, speed, style etc.

Personal Mentoring and Guidance

Most of the hurdles you,as an aspirant,come across can be crossed easily if there is a mentor to help you identify your shortcomings and rectify them, and nudge you back on track.

Exhaustive coverage of syllabi

The syllabi of the KAS Prelims and Mains are covered completely. For regular batch the classroom sessions spans for 8 months with each session having duration of 2 hours from Monday-Friday . The monthly time table will be provided. For weekend batch classroom sessions spans for 10 hours in Saturday and Sunday. The monthly time table will be provided.

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