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Interview Guidance Programme

  • January 2024

To assist students taking the 2024 Personality Test, ENLITE IAS will start offering an Interview Guidance Programme (IGP) starting in January 2024. The programme for interview guidance is accessible both Offline and Online.

Every year, the number of applicants chosen for the Personality Test is about 2.2 times the number of vacancies announced in the UPSC's advertisement. If a candidate's performance in the main exam determines whether they are accepted into the Civil Services or not, then the candidate's performance during the interview process actually determines which service they are most likely to join in the end. The interview therefore plays a very important part in determining if an applicant can acquire the job he wants, even though the maximum interview score is 275.

The UPSC describes an interview as a test of a candidate's total personality, which involves analytical abilities, lateral thinking, and rational decision-making, among other things. The goal of the interview for the panel of knowledgeable and objective observers is to determine whether the candidate is personally qualified for a career in public service. The goal of the process is to evaluate a candidate's mental capacity. In general, this is essentially an evaluation of the person's social skills, interest in current events, and intellectual prowess. Mental acuity, critical assimilation skills, logical presentation, balance of judgement, a range of interests, capacity for social cohesion and leadership, intellectual and moral integrity are some of the attributes to be evaluated.

The average interview lasts 30 minutes, plus or minus 5 minutes. The range of questions will include inquiries about the candidate's interests and practical applications, the motivations behind his or her decision to enter the civil service, the candidate's perspective on current and historical issues, information about the candidate's educational background, optional subject, state-specific concerns, current events, international relations, etc. They may also ask situation-based questions of the candidates and request their responses.

Beginning in January 2024, ENLITE IAS will start offering its interview preparation programmes.

Interview Guidance Programme (IGP) consists of mock interviews conducted by a panel of experts and a few one-on-one meetings with Mr. Mahesh Kumar, Director - ENLITE IAS.

How to schedule your Mock Interview & One - on - One Sessions?

Candidates are requested to contact 7994058393 to register for IGP.

ENLITE IAS Interiew Guidance Programme (IGP) is provided FREE of Cost.

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