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About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure your success. And there lie the key to achieving our vision as well.


We at Enlite IAS strongly believe that success cannot elude you if your civil services journey is made SIMPLE. When it is SIMPLE it becomes an optimistic, joyous and adventure filled odyssey rather than a treacherous and uncertain journey.

Team Enlite has one of the most experienced and the best of the faculty in the country. When it comes to Trivandrum – “We are the best”. Our “Prelims Test Series” has already marked us out from the rest. While our faculty is among the most experienced, Enlite IAS is young. Yet we have swelling numbers for our programmes. Most of whom are senior aspirants. It vindicates the outstanding success of our programmes, especially the Test Series. The enrollment of senior aspirants is the best recognition that any institute can receive as they are the best guides to new aspirants about the quality of service offered at any institute. The Test Series is still resonating in the market and it has made Enlite the new buzzword in Civil Services circle in Trivandrum. But our mission doesn’t end here. It only begins, and doesn’t culminate without realizing your dreams. Our mission is so well captured in our slogan – Enlightening Minds, Lightening Journeys.

Your Mission is Our Mission As well & Your Dream is Our Dream

Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish ourselves as the best institute for Civil Services in the country while retaining our unique signature which is “Student First” and “Student Friendly” learning environment. The essence of our Student First policy is continuous engagement with students on all fronts with the aim of building character.
At the heart of our vision is the deep desire to transform your future. Transforming your future involves bringing the best out of you. There lies the path to success in Civil Services. The path to realise your dream. A path all aspirants are equally capable to tread, but only if there is the light to guide you to the right path.

Enlite is this Light!! Join Enlite to Transform Your Future


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