How to succeed in IAS Exam? - How to succeed in IAS Exam? -

How to succeed in IAS Exam?

How to succeed in IAS Exam?

It’s a known fact that, “Well begun is half done”. A good and right beginning always assures success. And the same is applicable in the case of civil service examinations. Before attending the exam, one should be well planned enough about the entire process which the first step in the roadmap of IAS exam. It’s really appreciable that many young candidates interestingly come forward to make a try in civil service exam. But a commonly seen scenario in many people is, as a result of this impulsive decision, failure rate is also high. Here we are sharing some useful tips to all enthusiastic candidates who wish to succeed in IAS exams. First of all, we need to practice the culture of planning ahead for something. And of course, an important thing that we need to keep in mind is that, passing the civil services exam is no easy.

The three stages of selection process are:
1.Preliminary exams
One should clear all three rounds in the same attempt. For example, you pass this year’s preliminary exams and is skipping the next two rounds (mains and interview). Then if are again preparing for the same, you will not be allowed to skip the preliminary exams (thinking you have cleared it last year) and sit for the mains directly. So, if you flunk at any level, even if you have reached the interview stage, you have to start from square one.
1. Prepare for a long-term
You should not be in a hurry for quick success. A complete IAS preparation takes time. So, this career path is not for impatient people. And also, IAS is not for those who shy away from hard work.
2. Start as early as possible
Let us assume that the younger man has a better ranking than the 29-year-old. In this case, even though they belong to the same batch, the younger man will be considered senior. When the post of a superior falls vacant, it will be offered to the younger man. You may not realize it now but once you are in the service, you may have these bitter experiences. So while planning your preparation do not focus on the maximum age, instead focus on how to achieve your goal as soon as possible.
3. Attend all competitive exams
Don’t be egoistic in attending other competitive exams apart from IAS exams. Students who follow this do find success somewhere. Even if you do not want to enter these services, you should take the exam for the experience. It will hone your skills and provide continuity to your preparation. It will also boost your confidence if you get selected in any of the exams. So, your planning should include taking these exams even if it is not the focal point of your preparation.
4. Make preparation parallelly with your routine research studies
Let us think you are done with your graduation and also want to become an IAS. You are not 21 yet. What should you do in this instance? Many pupils focus only on IAS prep work thinking that once they are 21, they can sit for the examination. They are not wrong. Yet if they change this reasoning, they might use their time much better. The topic that you want to select in IAS keys, you should choose that topic in your post-graduation as well. You do not need to be a normal university student to do your post-graduation. You can use remote education and learning prepare for this. This will certainly not just help you plan for IAS yet you will certainly get a blog post graduate degree also.
5. Gain from experience
We can only take advantage of experience in future if we employ it in our lives. Visualize that you took the prelims examinations for the very first time and did not get qualified. This is an attempt to gain experience. But you will only obtain experience from it if you utilize it successfully. You require to examine the effort, comprehend your weak points as well as strong points. It is just after recognizing things that you can reinforce your strong points and also eliminate your weak points.
Simply concentrate on the test pattern with utmost care. Technique to prepare should be effective. Comply with one action at once but maintain a broad view while start preparing for Mains and Meeting with Prelims. And remember, time Monitoring is very vital.

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