Question and Answer


#1. A foreign student in the Nalanda University is most likely to mention about which of the following empires in India in her records on India 1. Gupta 2. Pala 3. Pushyabhuti Select the correct answer using the code given below


Statement 1 is incorrect.
Jainism does not support belief in a creator deity. According to the Jain doctrine, the
universe and its constituents and actions are governed by universal natural laws.
Statement 2 is incorrect.
Anekantavada is a core philosophy of Jainism. It states that the ultimate truth and
reality is complex and has multiple aspects. The origins of anekantavada can be
traced back to the teachings of Mahavira

#2. Consider the following statements : 1. World is created and maintained by the first Tirthankara according to Jain Philosophy 2. Anekantavada is a core philosophy of Buddhism Which of the above given statement(s) are correct?


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